PCFILT * The quickest filter design package available

Tested under Windows 7 - 32 bit and 64 bit

PCFILT is a serious filter design program written without useless "eye-wash". Don't expect it to look as pretty as the big-name brand software, but do expect it to design virtually any filter you need very quickly! PCFILT is loaded with powerful features that may seem hidden at first. This is for a good reason. With a little prompting from us you will be surprised at its flexibility. You will see why the largest filter company in the world has 60 (Yes, SIXTY) copies of PCFILT in use! PCFILT is also quite easy to use, but we can't expect you to know how to use it right away. When you have the demo running, call us for a guided tour of PCFILT over the phone. This is the only way to know why PCFILT is used by people who are serious about designing filters!

Here's a list of some of the organizations that use PCFILT:
How many     Company
  7        FSY Microwave
 60+       K&L Microwave
 12        Lorch Microwave
  5        Micro-Tronics
  2        Networks International Corp.
  2        Piezo Technology
  7        Trilithic
  2        TTE Inc.

PCFILT Version 2.0 for Windows is now available!

Now with improved optimization:

The Pole-placer synthesizer has been improved too:

Key in your specification mask an press the [Solve] button:

Choose where you want the notch sections to appear in the filter:

Construct the filter manually or let the program choose the topology for you:

The "raw" minimum component (automatic topology) filter looks like this:

After some work with the circuit editor and the matcher, your done!

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