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ALK Universal crossover network

The original "ALK Universal" replacement crossover network for the Klipschorn, La Scala and Belle Klipsch as been reimplemented to create an affordable option for nearly any Klipsch based 3-way loudspeaker.

High cost is no longer a reason to turn the clock on your Klipsch back to 1975 with a newly built A or AA "Clone" from other vendors, when you can turn it forward with a modern design!


The Universal Economy

The "Universal III"


Now with an improved tweeter filter for a flatter response and a sharper skirt.

An economy network for almost any 3-way loudspeaker.

Note: The option to upgrade the capacitors to other brands is NOT offered. The Cornscala-Wall is an economy network. It represents the best bang-for-the-buck as is. If more performance is desired the ap12-xxx and ap15-xxx sets are suggested. Read more about this

Shipping box: 15 x 12 x 10 Inch. Weight: 11 Lbs.

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The "CSW-450"

Special for the Klipsch LaScala

The CSW-450 has all the features of the CSW but has a 2nd order (12 dB / octave) woofer filter at 450 Hz for improved performance from the Klipsch LaScala. It can also be used with any CornScala implementation that allows a 450 Hz crossover and uses the K33 or K33 clone woofer driver.

Frequently asked and related questions about the original version:

1-Why is this network called the "Universal"?

2-Can I change the woofer / squawker crossover up higher to allow me to replace the K55 driver with a better one since most will only go down to 500 or 800 Hz?

Here's the answer to both questions: Look here

The tap settings list for the original 3619 transformer can be downloaded here (Size: 48K).